The Bluecoat Wollaton Art Department is a dynamic and stimulating environment where students learn a broad and varied curriculum. High achievement is encouraged through an engaging programme of high quality teaching and learning. The staff in the department use a variety of creative approaches in order to engage students as they investigate, experiment, document and realise two and three dimensional work.

Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through independent learning, practical application, teamwork and reflection. Art & Design offers another mode of communication, which enables our students to use their skills and creativity to express ideas and feelings, and to help to understand their own and other cultures.

Year 7

Year 7 students are given opportunities to develop their skills by exploring a wide range of media and techniques. They will study three separate projects over the course of the year, including basic drawing techniques, colour theory, mixing with coloured pencil and water colour, and manipulating wire to create 3D sculptures.

Year 8

Year 8 students will refine their skills in observational drawing, and add more skills to their repertoire over the course of three separate projects. This includes exploring the work of other artists and cultures to develop ideas towards personal outcomes. These projects act as a foundation to build upon for GCSE Art.

Year 9

Year 9 is treated as a foundation year for preparing students for working at GCSE standards. Students will become confident working with a wide range of media, and learn how to create a sustained project.  Technical skills are revisited and built upon with the potential to work with pencils, paints, printing methods, 3D media, textiles, photomontage, and mixed media. There is a greater emphasis on studying the work of other artists and students are encouraged to respond to respond to themes and artists in a personal way.

Year 10

Students begin their GCSE Coursework portfolio (worth 60% of their overall mark). They develop a body of work in response to a range of starting points such as Cultural Identity, Cityscape, Nature or Changed. This will include artist research, analysis, drawings, experimentation with media, and a final outcome.

Year 11

In year 11 students review and refine their coursework portfolio, ready for final submission at Christmas. In January, students begin Component 2 (40% of their overall mark) on a theme set by the exam board, Edexcel. They have a period of time to respond to the theme and create preparatory studies. The final outcome will be produced over a ten hour controlled assessment period.

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