The Art curriculum is crafted as a tapestry of academic knowledge and creative expression. In Art we aim to guide students to become inquisitive about the world around them and become independent thinkers, designers and creators. We want students to be confident in expressing their own identity and be appreciative of the diverse culture we live in; whilst also developing students’ autonomy, time management, organisation, self-control, and collaboration. These skills are not only needed to flourish in our subject but in the wider school curriculum and in all aspects of life, especially future employment.

Students will be given the opportunity to hone their practical skills, knowledge and understanding through the visual exploration of historic and contemporary artists, from Giorgio Morandi’s still life drawings to Ruth Allen’s mixed media prints. They will also explore issues from the wider world focusing on a variety of themes, for example, typography and graphic design in year 7 and portraiture and identity in year 8. Skills and techniques are introduced throughout Key Stage 3 for pupils to experiment with media and materials and learn how to successfully apply them. This prepares pupils to develop their personal projects at Key Stage 4, building on the skills they have previously learnt.

We are passionate about enriching our curriculum with extracurricular activities to introduce students to as many artistic and cultural experiences as possible. These include art clubs, residential trips to London, various gallery trips and participation in Arts Award.

OCR GCSE in Art and Design / Fine Art (J171)

  • Portfolio (coursework): 60%
  • Externally set task (exam): 40%

Students must present for assessment one finished coursework project (60%) and one examination project (40%), both of which will include a thorough body of preparation and research work. The Art teachers assess all student work, these grades are subsequently verified by a visiting moderator from the exam board. The School retains the work for a specified period after which students may claim it.

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