Acts of Worship

Collective Worship

Students have the opportunity to reflect at the start of their day in a variety of different ways; with their whole year group in a year group Act of Worship or as a tutor group. In Acts of Worship, we explore contemporary themes from the world around us and link them to our lives, community and at school. This enables students to challenge their own thinking and to help them to consider how they have an impact on those around them. These themes and moments of reflection also link to our activities during tutor time, when students with their tutors discuss these ideas further with additional activities.

Each year group has communion services through the academic year with our local vicar. Students are offered different ways to engage within this service, as we recognise the different faiths and worldviews represented at Bluecoat Wollaton.  Students may choose to take communion, or to remain seated and have a moment of reflection or receive prayer. As well as communion, students have other opportunities to take part in collective worship, such as playing in the worship band, praying in services or being a part/performing in larger whole school end of term services.

Online Worship

In order to ensure that worship continues when we can not congregate as a whole year group, we instead worship together online. This means that different year groups can all take part in worship together, live from their classrooms or at home.

We are very grateful to the Archway Worship team for their support and for facilitating these worship sessions for us. As a trust, we have produced a number of video Acts of Worship for our students and staff to access.  These have continued to be produced every week and shown in school to students. These can be accessed via the YouTube playlist below.

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