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Student Email accounts and Microsoft Teams

Over the summer holidays ready for the start of the September term there was some changes made behind-the-scenes to all students email addresses, so that we can be even better prepared to deliver home learning opportunities to students for the rest of the upcoming academic year.

We migrated all students email addresses from Google (gmail) to Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) and enabling an application called Microsoft Teams.

This means any new emails received from the start of term will go to their new Microsoft account which can be accessed at www.office.com – and then clicking ‘sign in’. Or downloading the ‘outlook’ app  and logging in. Students may also use the link provided in the banner of the website, above.

Students will be directed to access their learning via Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed again through the following link and the purple ‘Teams’  app.

Student emails & office logins now take this new format: username@bluecoatwollaton.co.uk
Students’ usernames and passwords to log in will be the same as their existing PC ones.

Typically the username is the first initial and their surname.

Other online learning portals such as GO4schools, gmail and possibly some learning platforms may still use the old @ac format e-mail address, but will eventually be transitioned.

If students do have any IT problems, please contact our IT helpline on: studentsupport@archwaytrust.co.uk

Please note that if this is to reset a forgotten password please include the students full name and Date of Birth.

Online Lessons

Please click here for guidance on how to log in for online lessons.

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