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GO 4 Schools is a web-based platform used to record attendance, behaviour and attainment,  providing students, parents and carers with real-time access to live data. Details of how to access GO 4 Schools are shared below, if you have any difficulties accessing your account please contact: office@bluecoatwollaton.co.uk

Upon accessing your child’s account, on the parent homepage you will see a menu with the following:

  • Overview: This gives you quick access to the current day’s timetable, a behaviour overview chart and a summary of current attendance for the year to date. You can click these titles to jump to the relevant sections.
  • Attendance: summary of session (AM/PM) attendance and punctuality.
  • Behaviour: Information about individual events, number of positive and negative behaviour points, and any detentions.
  • Progress: Current progress for each subject will show here when they are uploaded following the assessment window in February. Please note that not all subjects will have grades associated with them. Attitude to Learning is recorded and shared every term.
  • Reports: Here you will find links to all reports from the current academic year. An Attitude To Learning report was published in October.
  • Timetable: Your child’s full timetable for the week, including attendance marks. You can click back and forth through the weeks. There is the option of viewing information from previous years, where available.

GO 4 Schools Mobile App

In order to help ensure parents and carers have easy access to GO 4 Schools, the GO 4 Schools mobile app can also be used. Using the GO 4 Schools app will enable you to view on your smartphone or tablet the following information on your child:

  • Timetable: Summary of current lesson and the next lesson; detailed information on your child’s daily timetable including timings and teachers
  • Session Attendance: Counts of possible sessions and overall percentage attendance; authorised and unauthorised absences; late marks
  • Behaviour: Overview of positive and negative behaviour events and point; details of each behaviour event including subject, points and date
  • Attainment: Overview of the subject progress and target grades; residual progress and colouring; individual subject detail including grades and attitude to learning.

Logging in to GO 4 Schools for the first time

Downloading & logging in to the GO 4 Schools App

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