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Bluecoat Wollaton is passionately committed to providing a richness of experience in education. We believe that academic success is an important measure of the quality of your child’s education, however, we believe it extends further than this. At Bluecoat Wollaton, we provide opportunities for each child to develop their character, interests and passions. Encouraging their physical, mental and spiritual potential, and helping them to be leaders of the future. As such Our enrichment programme reflects this ethos providing opportunities for all students to explore new interests, challenge themselves and have a lot of fun.

Lunchtime & After-School Clubs

We have a huge program of lunch time clubs suited to all tastes and interests. These clubs are run by staff who give up their lunch times to provide fun places to meet friends and explore new activities.

Please click here for the clubs and enrichment timetable.

Further detail about some of these opportunities can be seen on the branching pages.

Study Clubs & Revision Sessions

A number of subject specific and general study clubs are available every week in order to enhance and support the curriculum. These clubs run at lunchtimes and after school and operate on a drop in basis. The study clubs are there to help with class work, homework and controlled assessment as well as to give support in areas where students may be struggling. More targeted interventions and revision sessions are available for Year 10 & 11 students.

Please click here for the KS4 Intervention, Revision, Clubs & Drop-In timetable.

Exclusive: Year 7 – Enrichment Monday

Every Monday afternoon (3-4pm) our Year 7 students stay to take part in enrichment activities.

At the beginning of each half term students begin a new activity to develop their wider skills and attributes with our very own talented staff. Activities this academic year include:

  • Beginner’s Sign Language – Ms Bailey-Douglas
  • Exploring the Arts – Ms Hockey
  • “Bringing light to hidden voices” – an exploration of our political system – Miss Kay
  • “Preparing for your future” – Financial Education – Mr Tilson
  • Our Environment and Conservation – Ms Day
  • STEM activities OR “Bringing the stage to life” – Set design and production – Ms Holmes

Students’ involvement in these activities will contribute towards their achievement of the Wollaton Baccalaureate, along with their Pledges.

Wollaton + Pledges

A new part of Wollaton + is our Pledges programme, where students have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves; getting involved in a range of activities/opportunities and growing in confidence and experience.

Our pledges are chosen to reflect our school mantra of ‘Faith’, ‘Hope’ and Love. You can see these pledges below, and click for further detail.

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