Living our values

At Bluecoat Wollaton our values are also lived out by our eight actions here. These show how we work together as staff and with students to ensure that the wider work of the school is delivered.


We have high expectations for every child, believing in them regardless of background or starting point. Everything we do in the organisation is in the interests of children first and foremost.

Committed to Staff

Our most valuable resource, we believe in “Training people well enough so that they can leave; treating them well enough so that they don’t want to”

Highly Literate

We believe the world is unlocked through literacy; sound skills to open these doors are at the heart of our curriculum.

Grounded in Faith

Each unique and created in God’s image, our children and staff live our mission statement derived from Luke 10:27

Knowledge at our Heart

Knowledge of the best of what has gone before gives intellectual and cultural capital to prepare for the world around us.


The Trust’s ‘Transformative Power of Education’ is a product of hard work and commitment: “Work hard; show respect”.

Rooted in Respect

Our children will model impeccable manners and stand out in character.

Creating Character

We are committed to providing an educational journey that will explore  themselves and their relationship with the world around them.

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Bluecoat Wollaton Academy
Sutton Passeys Crescent
Wollaton Park

Tel: 0115 900 72 10

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