Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, both within curriculum areas and the wider school. We aim to provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills by succeeding together as a community through a shared vision and our ethos, using student voice to make our school the best it can be.

Getting our leadership right is critical as we want students to enthusiastically participate in a broad range of activities, many of which they organise themselves and all pupils are actively encouraged to lead.

Our leadership model has 3 central tiers:

  1. The leadership from our Head Boy and Girl and their respective Deputies.
  2. Senior Student Ambassadors – acting as academy representatives and establishing effective learning.
  3. Student Ambassadors – students that champion one key aspect of academy life.

The Student Leadership Structure

To deliver this model effectively, students run and lead meetings and events in the Academy across all age groups. The Academy Ambassadors have prioritised 9 key areas which drive the academy forward:

  1. Arts Ambassadors – spreading the arts and culture throughout the school
  2. Charity Ambassadors – a relentless drive to serve others and support those in need locally, nationally and internationally
  3. Christian Faith Ambassadors – working to develop faith in the academy and around the community
  4. Digital Ambassadors – supporting and promoting computer science related endeavours
  5. Language Ambassadors – supporting students and parents that speak English as an additional language
  6. Literacy Ambassadors – valuing the spoken and written word
  7. Maths Ambassadors – supporting students with Maths and promoting numeracy across the academy
  8. Science Ambassadors – promoting curiosity throughout the academy
  9. Sports Ambassadors – promoting activities and mass participation

The school recently became a World Class Schools Lead School in recognition of the hard work and contributions of Bluecoat Wollaton Academy to the World Class Schools network, supporting the charity’s growth by providing capacity.

Our original World Class School status was awarded in recognition of the excellent education received by students, as well as everything students contribute to make our community as special as it is.  To receive this award, students were assessed on a framework of skills and competencies that students need to flourish in an emerging global economy.  This award recognises the school’s achievement in providing students with cultural opportunities that take them beyond their local community.

What are we looking for from Student Leaders?

  • A positive attitude towards the Academy, including commitment to the school aims and priorities
  • Adherence to school uniform and presentation standards
  • Be a shining example of the ‘Wollaton Way’
  • Support the range of school activities and events
  • A keen sense of responsibility
  • A high level of motivation including a willingness to work and learn from peers
  • Confidence and the ability to communicate effectively
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Skills in Leadership and team work
  • Reliability and dedication
  • Ability to inspire other students and command the respect of their peers

For more information about a specific Ambassador role, please download the appropriate job description above.

 If you wish to join the Student Leadership then we encourage you to apply by downloading an application form (below) or collecting a paper copy from Mr Jahangir (MA05).
Forms should be handed to Mr Jahangir (MA05).

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