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This academic year, Bluecoat Wollaton Academy is working towards becoming a School of Sanctuary. We are an inclusive academy and as a ‘family’, we value and care for each other. Whilst we are extremely proud of our reputation for outstanding academic excellence, we place equal value on ensuring students grow and develop both personally and socially and leave us thoroughly prepared to become well-rounded and successful. We welcome and support pupils from all backgrounds, including asylum seekers and refugees and we educate all of our students about the importance of creating and being part of an academy (and a society) that is safe and inclusive for all.

What is a School of Sanctuary?

Schools of Sanctuary is an initiative to celebrate the good practice of schools who foster a culture of welcome and inclusion for all, especially asylum seeking and refugee families. Schools of Sanctuary offers a way to further educate the whole school community about the human right to sanctuary and engage with sanctuary seekers and families in their local communities. The aim is to create a safe environment that includes everybody in a school, regardless of people’s background, ethnicity, faith or gender. Schools that are committed to welcome and inclusion can apply for an award from the City of Sanctuary movement.

Who are City of Sanctuary?

City of Sanctuary UK’s mission is to support the network of groups and Streams of Sanctuary and to contribute towards building a sanctuary movement. In practical terms, they work to build a culture of welcome, hospitality and inclusiveness right across every sphere and sector of society, so that wherever people seeking sanctuary go they will feel safe, find people who welcome them and understand why they are here, and have opportunities to be included in all activities.

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