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Our vision for the Health and Social Care curriculum at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy is for students to develop applied knowledge and practical skills within the early year’s sector and prepare students for further and higher qualifications in Child care, Social care and Health care. Throughout the study of Health and Social Care students will learn to understand key principles of working within this industry as well as respecting different views though various case studies, which will in turn lead the a better understanding of sociology, biology, nutrition, law and ethics. This reinforces our core values at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy – faith, hope and love. Students will gain an understanding of ill health and medical conditions in hospitals, health centres and in the community. Social care is the care and support of vulnerable individuals, usually within our community.

The Health and Social Care Level 2 Technical qualification ensures that students gain knowledge about the study of health and social care involves gaining an understanding of provision in the UK, the role of the health and social care practitioner, the importance of legislation in the sector, human development across the life span, the individual’s care needs and how the individual may access health and social care provision, partnership working and how to create a care plan for the individual. Instruction in the classroom is only part of the learning process. The course will reinforce the links between the theory and practical application, and that the knowledge base is relevant and up to date, by using teaching methods and materials that allow learners to apply their learning to actual events and activities within the sector. For example, learners will examine and discuss media articles that highlight developments in the health and social sector, or examples of good and bad practice. Maximum use will be made of learners’ to experience where relevant case studies and changes in legislation by encouraging reflection, which is important in health and social care.  The delivery of Health and Social care will enriched and extended by the use of learning materials, classroom exercises and internal assessments that draw on current practice in and any experience of the health and social care sector, which is especially beneficial when continuing with this profession.

What will the learner study as part of this qualification?

This qualification will promote the learner’s understanding of each of the following topics:

  • Health and social care provision and services
  • The variety of job roles in the health and social care sector and care values that underpin professional practice
  • The importance of legislation, policies and procedures in health and social care and how they relate to a practitioner working in health and social care settings
  • Human development across the life span
  • Care needs of the individual
  • How the individual accesses health and social care services
  • How the individual’s needs are met through partnership working with other professionals
  • The care planning cycle to meet the needs and preferences of the individual

What knowledge and skills will the learner develop as part of this qualification and how might these be of use and value in further studies?

Learners will develop the following knowledge which will inform future training and work in the health and social care sector:

  • An understanding of the purpose, role and function of health and social care provision in the UK
  • Roles and responsibilities of those working in the health and social care sector and the purpose of partnership working
  • Legislation that governs health and social care and the relationship between legislation, policies, and procedures
  • Ways in which the individual develops across the life span and the impact of transitions on the individual
  • The individual’s care needs
  • How health and social care provision in the UK is accessed
  • The person-centred approach to planning in health and social care
  • The importance of meeting the individual’s preferences relating to their care needs
  • Reinforcement of the importance of continuing professional and personal development

Assessment Method:

The non-exam assessment which is externally-set and internally marked and externally moderated. Will assess the learner’s ability to effectively draw together their knowledge, understanding and skills from across the whole vocational area.

Examined assessment (50%) externally-set written examination and externally marked. The written examined assessment is a terminal assessment and ill assess the learner’s knowledge and understanding of all content areas.

Successful completion of this qualification will enable learners to progress to level 2 or 3 qualifications in related subjects.

The knowledge and skills gained will provide a secure foundation for learners to progress into career opportunities in the health and social care sector and provide a valuable platform for further study.

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