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Physical Education

The PE curriculum intends to provide a wide range of physical activities that support the development of students’ physical, social and mental wellbeing. These activities are delivered through our concept based ‘Wellbeing’ curriculum that targets key strands of Physical Education so that students can progress both in their PE lessons and in wider social aspects. The Wellbeing curriculum allows all students to succeed by providing manageable steps to move from a novice to advanced learner.

Students develop their Physical, Social, Thinking and Mindset skills through the delivery of specific knowledge that can be linked into their everyday lives. This will aid them in creating lifelong healthy lifestyles/habits and meet the long-term requirements of the workplace that range from health and wellbeing strategies to organising personal fitness and taking part in competitive sport.

BTEC Sport Tech Award

The BTEC Sport qualification offers students who wish to develop their sporting knowledge, the opportunity to experience sport in a vocational setting. This is to prepare all participants for the vocational expectations that occur in the workplace, such as deadlines, dealing with pressure, industry experience and interactions with others.

The curriculum gives students analytical skills, such as problem solving and breaking up tasks to manageable sizes to assess performance whilst allowing them to make informed suggestions of how to improve individual and team outcomes.

These take the form of presentations, reports, and practical demonstrations, as well as interviews and planning documents that will aid students in later life. These take the form of a Plan, Do & Review process that mimics the vocational patterns of the industry.

Students are encouraged to show creativity through use of their own knowledge and opinions whilst forming balanced and informed arguments.

All of these aspects, combined with real-life workplace experiences at some of our professional partners (University of Nottingham and local sports organisations) prepare students to meet the industry needs and work in a high-performance environment.

Students will be assessed via online examinations and centre-assessed controlled coursework.

  • Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport & Exercise – Online Examination – 25%
  • Unit 2 – Practical Performance in Sport – Centre Assessed Coursework – 25%
  • Unit 3 – Applying the Principles of Personal Training – Centre Assessed Coursework – 25%
  • Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities Centre Assessed Coursework – 25%

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