During their time at BWA, students in music will study the three disciplines, Performing, Composing and Listening& Appraising. These three branches are taught and developed together.

Subject specific skills that students will develop include reading staff notation, analysing scores, ensemble experience, technical proficiency and aural awareness.  Musical literacy is introduced in addition to the practical/ theoretical understanding and application of this. They will have the opportunity to use a range of instruments to explore their creativity and investigate the elements of music. They will have the opportunity to discover and experiment with music notation and sequencing software.

They will study various musical genres (historical and cultural ) and develop an appreciation of works by influential composers, their differing styles dating from the Renaissance to the 21st Century. Music in looked at in the wider context to build appreciation and understanding.

Year 7

Students are actively encouraged to use their voices at the start of their Bluecoat musical journey with an understanding of musical literacy and the elements of music. The skills of performance, composition and musical listening are embedded through practical music-making, using real instruments such as ukuleles, djembe drums and keyboards within the classroom. They will begin learning the theoretical knowledge for analysing music on a basic level and understand how instruments work. The building blocks of any composition are investigated using a range of musical genre.

Year 8

Students begin to become more sophisticated in the use of the skills they are developing. They begin to take responsibility for rehearsal techniques and playing in an ensemble. We look at Music in Film and they expand their cultural awareness by studying aspects of World music, including Chinese music and African drumming. Performance skills are developed by working together to produce Blues performances. Other projects include hooks and riffs, music for special occasions and MOBO where the relevance of the music and its importance are studied in greater detail.

Year 9

Students will begin an in-depth analysis of the Music Industry as a whole and the roles and responsibilities within it. Links between jobs and what that looks like in the Industry can be discovered through visits to the theatre or sound recording studios. Students will begin following set briefs for tasks in preparation for Level 2 assessed components. This ensures that they are familiar with the criteria and level needed for Years 10 and 11. In addition students continue to practice their practical music skills of playing and composing music.

Year 10

Students will begin to take part in practical workshops to understand the creative process involved in producing music. The knowledge from Years 7 and 8 will help them explore differing styles and genres. Students will learn how to reflect on their progress and apply skills and techniques in order to improve. The two components for assessment will be Exploring the Music Industry and Music Skills Development. A range of skills will be developed and applied in a musical creation, performance or production.

Year 11

During this year, students will choose an area of the Industry that appeals to them. A composer, performer or producer and work to a brief in order to fulfil this. Possible responses and ideas for the brief will be investigated and resources to help will be identified. Techniques to develop and refine musical material will be used. Students will present their final response to the brief and their outcome which then must be reflected on to show understanding.

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