The Drama curriculum is designed to be a mixture of both academic rigour and development of skills. In Drama we will develop students’ confidence, leadership, communication and oracy, time management, organisation, creativity, self-control, and co-operation. These skills are not only needed to succeed in Drama but in the wider school curriculum and in future employment.

Year 7

Pupils will begin their dramatic studies learning the basic necessary dramatic skills such as freeze frames, thought-tracking, ensemble and chorus work. The range of styles, texts and performance work that pupils will engage with and develop is a wide ranging and cohesive experience. Pupils will be introduced to a range of texts from Ancient Greek Theatre to Shakespeare to modern classics.

Year 8

In Year 8, pupils further develop their drama skills, by focussing on more specific skills, the use of voice and how to create tension within performance. In the Spring term pupils study William Golding’s modern classic The Lord of the Flies and learn how to analyse texts they use this to inform both practical and written work. In addition, pupils look at real life issues and how injustices in society can be highlighted and addressed through theatre. They study the methodologies of Bertol Brecht and how his theatrical techniques can be used to challenge and educate an audience.

Year 9

Pupils start to refine the dramatic skills learnt in previous years, focusing on improving and controlling both physical and vocal skills. They explore the work of influential theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht. They also explore modern theatre styles such as Physical Theatre through the critically acclaimed work of Frantic Assembly, Gecko and DV8. Pupils also devise their own Drama pieces and perform to the public for the first time.

Year 10

In year 10 students deepen their learning from year 9 whilst expanding their drama vocabulary, learning about proxemics and semiotics within performance. Pupils will also look extensively at a range of styles and genre including Commedia Dell’Arte and Trestle Mask Theatre. Pupils will devise theatrical responses to set briefs as well as working on scripted performances.

Year 11

In this final year students will complete devised performances with accompanying coursework to detail and analyse their creative processes. Students will also prepare extracts from published plays, to do this they will choose the route of actor or designer and present their fully realised work to an audience. Text analysis will be further developed, overlapping with a key English GCSE text An Inspector Calls, students will also watch live performances and review and analyse them in preparation for the written exam.

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