Year 6 Transition for September 2022

Welcome from our Principal

A very warm welcome to all of our Year 6 families who are about to make the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 in September 2022; we are really looking forward to seeing you.

Should you need further guidance you can always contact the office directly at However, we hope that this page is a useful starting point for most of your queries. Remember to scroll down the page as you go!

We understand the challenges that the transition from primary to secondary school can bring and believe that a strong start to secondary school is essential for any child.

You can rest assured that we will do our best to fully support your child’s move to Bluecoat Wollaton Academy. As part of this, our transition process this year will include:

Mr Rowson | Principal

Primary School Visits

These are an essential part of our process. Students at our larger feeders or those identified with SEN are all visited at their own school by a member of Bluecoat Wollaton staff. This gives the opportunity for students to ask questions and discuss any concerns before their transition days and for staff to meet with their primary teachers. We will always visit children at Middleton Primary School, Bramcote C of E Primary School and Bluecoat Primary Academy.

A transition evening on Monday 4th July

Students will be able to visit the academy with a parent in order to hear important messages from the Principal, meet their form tutor, and also  purchase uniform and equipment. All children joining in Year 7 will be provided with a Bluecoat Wollaton school bag that they will be expected to use every day.

Two days of transition on 5th and 6th July

Students will come to visit the academy for two days during the summer term in order to begin to familiarise themselves with the site, key staff and those students in their tutor group. The day begins at 8.25am and will end at 3pm.

Summer School on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August

Students will be able to attend a summer school of activities each day in order to familiarise themselves with the site, key staff and students in their tutor group. There will also be an overnight camp at school as part of this event.

Year 7 Welcome Party

We also look forward to meeting our Year 7 parents who are warmly invited to our ‘Year 7 Welcome Party’ on Friday 16th September 2022, beginning at 7pm. This is a very informal evening in which students, parents and staff can get to know each other. There will be refreshments, games and another opportunity to meet tutors and key staff at the academy.

Year 7 Activity Day & Believe Day

On Wednesday 21st September, all Year 7 students will travel to Trent Vineyard to enjoy Activity Day – an opportunity to spend time bonding and building friendships with others in their year group. The following week, on Tuesday 27th September, students will then take part in Believe Day, an opportunity to explore and celebrate faith, a cornerstone of Bluecoat Wollaton.

Meet The Tutor

The final transition event for students and their parents is our Meet The Tutor evening in November. The dates for this will be confirmed closer to the time, parents and carers will have the opportunity to book an appointment to discuss their child’s transition and how they have settled in to life at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy.

Virtual Tour

Should you wish to hear from some of our subject leaders then you can view videos from every subject and other key staff by clicking here.

You can also click here to use the map of the school to navigate around our site and become familiar with the setting.

Key Staff

In addition to the videos mentioned above, you can also visit the ‘Who’s Who‘ section of our website to see pictures of our Senior Leadership Team, pastoral staff and subject leaders. The page can be found by clicking here.

The Year Leader for your child’s year group in September will be Mr Goodwin, a very experienced member of staff who has worked with children here at Bluecoat Wollaton for a number of years.

Student Support is a department at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy that offers additional of targeted support to help and educate young people socially, emotionally, and behaviorally or with concerns around mental health. Click here to learn more.

The Year 7 Form Tutors for 2022/2023 are listed below.

Mr Goodwin | Head of Year 7

7WB – Braithwaite

Mrs K Roper | Teacher of Maths

7WF – Fenton

Miss L Day | Teacher of English

7WI – Inglis

Miss L Kay | Head of Humanities

7WM – Mellors

Miss K Lockhart | Teacher of Science

7WR – Rippon

Miss S Collins | Lead Teacher of Geography

7WT – Thorpe

Miss S Moore | Teacher of Maths

Parent Handbook

You will also find a lot of key information in our Parent Handbook which will be posted to you. You can also read it now by clicking here. Specifically, can I ask that you take particular time to read the uniform sections of this and get in touch with us, or our uniform supplier, should you have questions. A link to their online ordering system is at the top right of our website and will be in your packs too.

Transition Materials

1. Transition Work

We have prepared a number of materials for your child to complete before they join us in September. Copies will be provided on transition days. You can find also find a digital copies of this material here:

2. Letters from our students

We draw from a wide range of feeder schools, more than 50 in any one year group. This means our children join our family from a range of places near and far. Use the letters here to get a flavour of their experiences.

Letters from our students

3. A note to my younger self

Our former Head Boy, Head Girl, and their deputies have made a short video about starting at Bluecoat Wollaton, and share wisdom they would like to have told themselves in Year 7.

4. World Class Schools

Bluecoat Wollaton is also officially a ‘World Class School‘. This means that every child in our school is part of that World Class set up and we encourage them to get involved in as many different activities as possible over the next 5 years with us.

Our partners in this have also arranged some activities for this process if your child is already at a primary school that holds this World Class Status, for example Sneinton Primary. If this is your child, we strongly encourage your child to take part in this and sign up to these activities to be recognised by that group so that we can celebrate this achievement publicly.

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