Sociology at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy enables students to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of society, and relevant and current issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification.

  • Sociology students start the course learning about basic terms such as norms and values, and ideas surrounding the nature vs nurture debate. Students then start to apply theory to their new knowledge, such as feminism and functionalism, and discus the contrasting views on society.
  • The family topic looks at the idea of family diversity; why some families are more common in the UK now and others are less common. We study divorce and marriage rates and whether roles have changed in the household over the past 70 years.
  • In education, we consider how factors such as class and gender affect achievement, and question to what extent we live in a meritocracy.
  • In the crime and deviance topic we consider the ‘hidden figure of crime’ and discuss reasons why some crimes are not recorded, detected or reported. We also look at who commits the most crime and why, and apply research and theory to these ideas.
  • In social stratification we look at how factors such as class, age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality have an effect on our life chances and opportunities.


Students will also develop their analytical, evaluative and communication skills by comparing and debating different sociological perspectives on a variety of social issues. Students study a variety of different sociological theories, such as Marxism, feminism, functionalism, postmodernism and interactionism.  In each topic students are given the chance to discuss and debate each theory, and start to understand which viewpoint(s) they may take on themselves.

Students will learn how to create their own research projects, through sociological research.  They will analyse different sociological methods and make judgments on the most appropriate method for different research topics.  By the end of Year 11, students will be able to construct reasoned arguments, making supported judgements and drawing clear conclusions.

Careers Links

Sociology is an excellent source of transferable skills that can be applied to a vast range of different career paths. Click here for examples of some of the employability skills Sociology can provide.

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