At Bluecoat Wollaton we believe that Science is vitally important in order to enable our students to understand the world and how it impacts them. Throughout their five years, they are encouraged to adopt a critical approach to their studies based on scientific evidence. Our Science curriculum provides all students with stimulating and challenging content. It is knowledge-rich and has been prudently devised and sequenced based on concepts that are systematically revisited, adding complexity over time; studying the micro aspects of Science all the way to the macro aspects. This develops scientifically literate individuals who are equipped with a bank of knowledge to tackle issues of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Independent research and learning is encouraged and cements the solid foundation of knowledge and skills for further study and lifelong learning.

Within the curriculum, regular use of retrieval practice supports students in retaining and retrieving knowledge. Progression through the curriculum will encourage students to enjoy Science and promote a natural curiosity and inspire a desire to explore careers in STEM and further understand the world around them. Students will regularly undertake practical work, to apply their knowledge, and use analytical skills – they are encouraged to understand how Science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how elements will behave, analyse causes, as well as encourage creativity and problem solving. GCSE Science is more than just an academic qualification, our hope is to develop well rounded citizens in addition to contributing towards their personal, moral and cultural learning and development.

AQA GCSE Science

Students follow the AQA suite of Science courses. The specific course students will follow depends on a number of factors including performance during Year 9 and discussions with parents. All students have the opportunity to study ‘Combined Science (Trilogy)’ whilst a number of students will be offered the choice of ‘Triple Science’.  In both routes, students will study all three Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The route taken does not affect the chances of students being eligible to study A Level Sciences at post-16.

Assessment is by 6 examinations which cover the content below:

  • Biology: Cell-level systems, Scaling up, Organism-level systems, Community level-systems, Genes, inheritance and selection and Global challenges.
  • Chemistry: Particles, Elements, compounds and mixtures, Chemical reactions, Predicting and identifying reactions and products, Monitoring and Controlling chemical reactions and Global challenges.
  • Physics: Matter, Forces, Electricity, Magnetism and magnetic fields, Waves in matter, Radioactivity and Energy and Global challenges.

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