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Last week a group of 14 Year 4 pupils from Middleton Primary School attended a year 9 French class at Wollaton Park Campus to practise their French. The GCSE class organised games and activities designed to help the primary students revise and learn vocabulary about family, animals and personality adjectives, in which students encouraged the Middleton pupils to come to the correct answers themselves through hinting and helping them to remember themselves.


It was a great success with all pupils, both Middleton and our own at Bluecoat, enjoying themselves and learning French. Mr Trodd, the GCSE French Teacher who organised he visit, commented that “Our pupils made me proud by the way they interacted with those from Middleton and showed their maturity and their knowledge of the French language during the session. We are planning on having another session next week with a different set of pupils from Middleton.”

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