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I am now pleased to be able to share the final publication of our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) Church Inspection that took place on Wednesday 1st December and Thursday 2nd December. The Inspector had a very positive experience over the two days and was exceptionally positive about all that he saw. He was most definitely impressed by the conduct, confidence and maturity of our students and this really came through in all interactions across the school. They certainly did you and the school proud.

We are very pleased to report that in accordance with the Section 48 Inspection (under the 2005 Education Act) that Bluecoat Wollaton has achieved the highest possible grade of ‘Excellent’. This comprised of the following elements:

  • The impact of collective worship: Excellent
  • The Effectiveness of Religious Education (RE): Excellent
  • Overall Grade: Excellent

As I reported previously, this is our first SIAMS Inspection as a ‘brand new school’ on our own since opening. We are of course delighted that the high expectations in our everyday work have been recognised positively by the inspector in this visit. We are rightly proud of what is written within the report itself and I hope you get a sense of the experience of your children from it.

I am also very grateful to those of you that took time to contact the inspector and share your views about the school so positively, or those who came in person for meetings. Moreover, I want to thank you for your ongoing support each day to ensure that our staff can work in partnership and enable all children here to flourish, whether of Christian faith, another faith or not of faith.

A copy of the report in full is available on the Church of England’s ‘A Church Near You’ website, or on our own Bluecoat Wollaton website by clicking the direct link HERE (this is also in the ‘Our Academy’ tab and then by selecting ‘Inspections > SIAMS’). If you do not have the ability to access this, please contact the school directly and we will gladly send a copy home for you.

We are especially thankful to our friends at St. Leonard’s Church in Wollaton and in particular Revd. Canon Tim Pullen who have continued to help support the school and all of our students to flourish.

This report is a great acknowledgement of the very wonderful work that happens here each day and reminds us all that our work changes lives. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about anything outlined above and I wish each of you and your families a very Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Anderson

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