Summer School 2021

Over the course of 5 days at the end of August 2021, Bluecoat Wollaton Academy hosted its first Summer School. This week included a variety of transitions sessions, lessons, and an overnight camp. Activities included:

  • Transitional activities (such as meeting teachers and tour of the school)
  • Additional subject support (such as English and Maths)
  • Sports-based activities
  • Arts-based activities
  • Wellbeing-based activities (such as team building and getting-to-know-you exercises)

Every Year 7 child attending Bluecoat Wollaton in September was invited to join us across the course of the week. Of the 163 students offered a place, we hosted an average of 149 students each day. 

In accordance with the conditions of funding, we are obliged to publish the amount of summer school funding received and a high-level breakdown of how it was spent. This can be found below.

Cost DetailsAmount
Educational resources & books£7,434.78
Transition materials£8,571
Equipment & activities£13,775
Food & beverage£2,473.31
Overall cost of the Summer School£41, 879.09

The school has claimed £41,559.09 in funding from the Department for Education for the 2021 Summer School.

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