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Dear parent(s)/carer(s)

Re: Changes to the school times of the day from September ’20.

I am writing to let you know of a very important change to the times of the school day from September and to remind you of the date that your child returns as this is different for each year group.

It is also important that you are aware that due to other changes in light of the government’s COVID-19 arrangements for school openings that your child will be following a revised school day in September.

We have normally operated from 8.25am until 3pm. From September, this is different for different year groups so that year groups are staggered on entry to the school.

The changes are summarised here*:


Year Group New Start Time New Finish Time
7 8.50am 3.30pm
8 8.50am 3.30pm
9 8.25am 3pm
10 8.25am 3pm (+any Period 6 lessons)
11 8.15am 3pm (+any Period 6 lessons)

(*a full overview of other changes to lunch and with Period 6 lessons is at the end of the letter as an appendix)

As part of this staggered start, each year group must only enter and exit through the designated entrance for their year group. They should arrive as close to this start time as possible to avoid mixing with other year groups. They are not to mix year group bubbles and will have lessons, breaks and lunches only with their own year group. The entrances for arrival and dismissal each day are as follows, they must not use a different entrance/exit to the one allocated for their year group below:


Year Group: Entrance /Exit that must be used:
7 Harrow Road (back gate)
8 Sutton Passeys (side entrance)
9 Harrow Road (back gate)
10 Sutton Passeys (side entrance)
11 Harrow Road (back gate)

If you have siblings in other year groups you need to be aware that there are now different start and end times for different year groups through this current period in time before we are able to revert to our normal timetabled starts and finish times when/if the government allows this during the course of the academic year. I want to assure you that your child will still receive a full, broad curriculum; the times of the day have changed but our high-quality curriculum offer remains the same.

I am conscious that this is a very big change to our arrangements but I hope that you will understand that this is being made in some very unusual circumstances and always with the very best interests/safety of your child /children driving that decision. I hope that you will appreciate our predicament and support this move accordingly as your child’s safety is at the heart of our actions.

In addition, I would also like to remind you of the start dates for the academic year in the Autumn term. From September we are staggering year group returns as follows. Some of these (Year 7) are earlier than our previously published dates as we look to maximise their time in the building and not compromise the lost learning time of other year groups. The dates are as follows:


New, revised dates
Thursday 27th Aug. Year 7 Only
Friday 28th Aug. Year 7 Only
Monday 31st Aug. Bank Holiday
Tuesday 1st Sept. Training Day
Wednesday 2nd Sept. Year 7 and 11 only
Thursday 3rd Sept. All Year groups
Friday 4th Sept. All Year groups

Why are we doing this?

We have had to stagger in accordance with advice from the government about minimising contact and risk. This addresses and resolves that. We have ensured that the curriculum and wider elements of distinctively Christian experience are not compromised and that the experience of children will be as close as possible to what we would normally do.

What does my child need to bring?

Your child will need to be in full school uniform. They should also bring:

  • Dinner money or packed lunch for the day
  • Their stationery/equipment as normal
  • Their PE kit for that first day until they get their timetable
  • A face mask if they are travelling on public transport

Why can my child not leave with their sibling?

Government guidance is clear that we have to keep year groups separate. This means that children in different year groups need to make separate arrangements for travel to and from school. Please plan for this scenario in September.

What about after school arrangements?

  • Period 6 taught lessons will carry on as normal for years 10 and 11, these are illustrated in full in the Appendix.
  • Enrichment for Year 7 will also continue each Thursday.
  • Clubs and other activities will be able to take place but must be for single year groups. We are still planning at the moment for homework/study clubs etc. after school.
  • We will still run same day detentions after school and our normal behaviour policy.
  • We are still looking over arrangements for wrap around support/care and will update these once we are clear.

 I am conscious that this is a lot to take in but I want reassure you that the Bluecoat Wollaton experience will still be very familiar and, moreover, that our staff are really excited to be welcoming more young people back into our school.

We look forward to meeting your child at their new start times on the correct dates above,

Yours faithfully,

Mr S Anderson,
Executive Principal
Bluecoat Wollaton Academy


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