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Bluecoat Wollaton Academy have been awarded the highest award possible from the National Citizen Service (NCS) in its first year of participation.

Teacher of English Helen Shirtcliffe said that her son had participated previously in the scheme which was based at Notts County Football Club. He had greatly benefitted from the experience so she thought that Bluecoat Wollaton students would do so also. Telling her to ‘go for it’ her son declared: ‘NCS was brilliant’. Mrs Shirtcliffe added that it is very pleasing to note that students from all sections of our school community took part. In line with the ethos of our school, it does not matter how affluent you are, whether you have challenges to overcome or not, academically gifted or not, everyone has the opportunity to participate and shine.

NCS were fantastic; coming in to school, explaining the scheme in more detail and engaging with students. In the end 68% of Wollaton Year 11 students completed the four week scheme. Charlotte Lewis-Gordon, the Head of Year, states that she is so proud of the students and impressed by the amount of charitable work they achieved. She said that students had enjoyed the scheme, growing in confidence and ability whilst improving team working skills and leadership qualities.

The school are planning to participate again in the scheme this year– some students have already registered.

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