Spaced Retrieval

Spaced Retrieval suggests information can be remembered by practicing it after lengthening periods of time. Learn how it can help you…

All review activities should follow the same principles of retrieval. Doing this will feel harder than studying the same topics in the same order; but, your brain will have to work harder and over time you learn more.

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is the act of trying to recall information without having it in front of you. Practice bringing information to mind for better results. It’s a great way to understand gaps in your knowledge so you can fill them before the exam.


Interleaving is the theory that by revising more than one topic in each session you will make better links between them. Interleaving strengthens memory association. Repeating this process can reinforce connections and enhances learning.

Spaced Practice

Spaced practice is the theory that short, sharp bursts of learning are more effective than cramming.  The spaced revision is all about self-test during a number of revision sessions until you can accurately recall the target information from memory.

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