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This document explains how the GCSE works in terms of exams, timings and types of questions that will be asked:

GCSE – an outline of the exam

When it comes to MFL revision, there are lots of ways to keep things interesting and active. Here are some favourites:

Record revision: Record yourself talking for 30 seconds on a topic and listen back to it to check your accent and pronunciation.

Watch foreign films: Put the subtitles on in the target language for an extra level of challenge.

Listen to music: You can search for current music in the charts from Spain (not ones sung in English though!)

Explore current affairs: Read and listen to news articles online. Try News in Slow Spanish.

Conjugate quickly: For a quick, regular languages boost, get into the habit of conjugating verbs while brushing your teeth in the morning and evening (in their heads, obviously!).

Label and look: Placing key vocabulary around the house on Post-Its and labelling furniture and objects in the target language offers helpful reminders even between revision sessions.

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Click here to access the Year 11 Spanish Quizlet page, set up with vocab from all of the GCSE units!

Click here to access the GCSE Spanish Memrise page, set up with vocab from all of the GCSE units!

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