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Dear Parent/Carer,


We know that lockdown work has been a challenge, but we wanted to make you aware that you can now see how your child has engaged with their online learning via Go4Schools.


After logging on to Go4Schools, you should see Remote Engagement is now listed against each subject in the ‘Detailed Progress’ section. The engagement stated on this page is the most recent engagement recorded by your child’s teacher. By clicking on Remote Engagement, you will also be able to view a week-by-week breakdown of your child’s recorded online engagement for each subject.


It should be noted that this only indicates the work that has been uploaded by your child, and the teacher is therefore able to give feedback on. If your child has not uploaded work to their Google Classroom for individual subjects, we would encourage them to do so.


If you have concerns about the data displayed in this tab for your child’s engagement, we encourage you in the first instance to have a conversation with your child, and ask them to show you what they have been working on, and the assignments that are due in their Google classrooms. If they have not uploaded their work, this may be reflected in the lack of data/low numbers. This is easy to fix – please see guidance on the school website (Working from Home>Further Support>How parents can help) on how students should ‘turn in assignments’.


If students are struggling with the work set, we encourage them to access our online helpdesk. Please email or telephone 0115 857 6845 for additional support.

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