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Bluecoat Wollaton was especially pleased to welcome Claire Meese, Diocesan Director of Education for Southwell and Nottingham Diocese, to the Academy on Monday 27th March ’17.

Mrs Meese has a crucial strategic role in shaping the educational direction of schools across the diocese and our academy was pleased to hear her describe her time at the school as a ‘very inspiring visit’.

The day itself involved Mrs Meese join students from the academy in Years 10 and Year 11 for their communion service led by Rev. John Hutchinson (Chair of Governors) which she found ‘moving’ and a feature of her visit that she ‘greatly appreciated’.

The visit was, as is the case with our wider ethos at Bluecoat Wollaton, led by students who also gave her a tour of the academy. Simeon (Year 7) and Paridhi (Year 10) acted as guides and whilst their ‘well informed’ work saw them act as ‘great advocates for the school’ it was the teaching and learning in the academy that really stood out.

Mrs Meese cited that she was, ‘very impressed by the quality of teaching and learning’ at Wollaton and this, coupled with faith, is very much indicative of the ethos that is at the heart of the school.

There was also time for further student leadership insight as representatives from the academy’s Community Group talked about how they are facilitating opportunities for prayer service to others. There was a particular focus on the work of New Gen. as the group, formally known as Christian Union, has since rebranded itself and begun to re-explore its vision for engaging those in the Bluecoat Wollaton family.

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