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BBC Nottingham visit

On 15th March the literacy ambassadors and an added few students visited BBC Nottingham to find out what having a journalism career in TV or radio could be like.

When we arrived at BBC Nottingham we were welcomed by Pip, a journalist who came into Bluecoat to help us with BBC school report. She brought us upstairs and introduced us to some important people in the building; they controlled different aspects of the many shows they produced on radio and TV. We met reporters who came up with lots of stories from crime to politics; we also met presenters who were planning for their shows.

Next Pip took us into a room where the radio was presented and explained what all of the technology was. It was very interesting seeing what the radio presenter would see while in the middle of a show.

After that we were taken to the room where the news and weather was presented. We got to sit on the sofa the news presenters would sit and were told all about what happens when the news was filmed, mainly the weather. Ifan explained “How they presented the news and the weather intrigued me as I have never experienced it before” We learned that while presenting the weather you have to stand in different places depending on your hair colour and that weather presenters have to know what they are going to say because they can’t see a script while presenting.

The gallery was our favourite room because there were so many buttons and controls which could even put us live on air. The two people who worked in the gallery explained what most of it meant and how difficult it was behind the scenes as you need to plan every show to the second.

Later on we were taken to drive time show and actually had the opportunity to meet Verity, the presenter who was in the middle of a show. Gabriel and Rosa even went on the radio to speak to Verity about BBC school report and the articles they had written. After coming off the radio Rosa said “I found it extremely fun and it was exciting to go on the radio with a real presenter.”

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience for everyone and we all learned a lot.


By Sam Coss and Mohammad Ismail

Yr 7

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