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Year 7 and 8

Please find the attached documents and brief below to outline our approach to home learning for Year 7 and 8 students at Bluecoat Wollaton.

As you know, we are a school with very high standards because we want every member of our academy ‘family’ to have access to the best quality education, and the best possible future opportunities. All the while, we are also very mindful of supporting each member of our community and valuing their personal and social development and wellbeing.

In the current context of a period of extended home-learning, we want to ensure we strike the appropriate balance between providing the standard of education you have come to expect, but also be mindful of the totally altered context we now find ourselves in.  We have taken on board the feedback you have provided so far, via Year Leaders and the ParentMail survey, and will continue to adapt our approach in line with this where appropriate.  We are aware that the home-learning environment is new for everyone to acclimatise to, and lots of families have a variety of issues which makes this complicated.

The work in the attached booklets is designed to be completed by ALL students in Year 7 and 8 on the basis that we want to ensure no student falls behind their peers academically, and their brains are challenged appropriately. (Though please note, there is an altered booklet for those students not currently studying a Modern Foreign Language).

However, we know that in some circumstances, completing the academic work is not the priority for a household. We trust the judgement of you as families, that you will take your personal context in consideration. We are not looking to add pressure to hardworking, conscientious students who aren’t able to keep up with work due to home circumstances. Where this is the case, all that we would ask is you discuss your context with your Year leader(s).

For further guidance on:

  • how much work students should be doing each week
  • what type of work students are being set
  • how work will be set/communicated
  • feedback & submitting work
  • the role of a parent/carer in home learning

Please open the relevant document below.

Year 7 Guidance Booklet

Year 7 Guidance Booklet (no MFL)

Year 8 Guidance Booklet

Year 8 Guidance Booklet (no MFL)


For English, the work will be based on a short story ‘Eric’ by Shaun Tan and each week there will be two lessons with a number of activities for you to complete.  You will receive a summary sheet which will break own your learning into 5  steps and  all you will need to do is follow through the power point presentation which explains all of the tasks and activities. Many of the activities will be familiar to you from your own English lessons or from your literacy lessons. We hope you enjoying reading the story and completing the short writing tasks. Should you struggle to complete any of the activities, you will be able to contact the help line, where a member of staff will be able to support you and answer any of your queries.

You will be emailed the resources  for the lessons and links to Microsoft Teams.

 If you do not have access to a computer you will receive your work through the post as normal.
I hope you enjoy the work and I look forward to reading some of your writing activities.

Shaun Tan “ERIC” with glossary
Lesson 1 Worksheet for reading comprehension 
Lesson 1 final “ERIC” 
Lesson 1 Summary of Activities 
Lesson 2 final “ERIC” 
Lesson 2 Summary of Activites


For Maths, students will be continue to be set work weekly. They are set 2 lessons that have 5 activities, including Hegarty Maths tasks. This will be emailed out to students, and contain instructions on how to complete all 5 stages of each lesson.

These lessons will focus on revisiting previous learning, as well as new material. Some weeks, work sheets will be provided (along with the answers), however most of the work is accessed online and will take place on Hegarty Maths, which can be accessed on all devices, via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

It is important that students complete this work to the best of their ability, and ask for help if they need it, either through comments on Hegarty Maths, emailing their teachers or using the student helpdesk. Additionally, Hegarty Maths tasks have ‘building blocks’ underneath the video, which include previous topics that will help students to understand the current lesson. Students should use these if they are struggling.

Find the median of a set of numbers.
Identify different types of data 

Work sheet Wk Com 01.06.20  
Work Sheet Wk Com 08.06.20 
Work Sheet Wk Com 15.06.20 
Work Sheet Wk Com 22.06.20
Work Sheet Wk Com 29.06.20
Work Sheet Wk Com 06.07.20
Work Sheet Wk Com 13.07.20
Work Sheet Wk Com 20.07.20


For Science, students will be set review work on a new topic weekly. This will be emailed out to students each week consisting of a PowerPoint presentation and an overview sheet. The overview sheet will outline the tasks that students need to complete and will direct them to the corresponding slide of the presentation. Students are expected to work through the PowerPoint presentation. It consists of knowledge and tasks to assess student understanding. At the end of the presentation, students will find a link to Microsoft Forms Quiz which they will complete and will allow the teacher to assess understanding.

This information will be emailed out to all Year 7 students weekly. Students will be expected to upload their work on Microsoft Teams (on Google Classrooms for W/c 29/06/20 as Teams isn’t ready) so that the class teacher can provide feedback.

Week 1 Cells Review 
Week 1 Cells Work sheet

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