Working From Home

Guidance & Home Learning

If you are looking at what to do and how to support your child during the school closure this page should be of help.

All students in the academy are expected to complete work this will be in a mixture of formats, for instance:

  • In written packs that they already have
  • Work sent to their emails
  • Work on Google Classrooms
  • Work on a number of external websites such as Hegarty Maths or Bedrock that they are used to using.

If you or your child is unsure about how to access some of these things then we have included some guidance here:

  1.  Click here for a video tutorial on how to access student email and also Google Classrooms
  2. Click here to open the same information in a number of screen shots as a booklet for you.
  3. Email if they have IT issues related to our displaying our content and running our school based systems (not for support on running your own devices)

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