Working From Home

How Parents can Help

As a parent we know that it is a difficult time with uncertainty around what your child should be doing and how you can help them.

While your child is at home during the school closure, staff have prepared resources so that pupils can still continue to move their learning forward. Pupils are expected to engage with learning during a normal school day. We feel between 3 and 5 hours is reasonable and gives some flexibility for individual family circumstances. (If you would like your child to follow their normal timetable in terms of which subjects/ activities they are doing each day you can access this via Go4schools.) This video offers some good tips on ways to create a routine.

Click here for the Video tips on ways to create a routine

There are lots of activities provided in the ‘working from home’ section of the website, which also outlines the way work will be communicated to students. We have provided different structures for different year groups so please click on the tab that is relevant to your child. As parents/carers it is important that you know about the work that is sent home and are able to support your child(ren) by providing a good working environment, but please do not feel as though you have to become a teacher overnight! We couldn’t do your job(s), so there is no expectation for you to do ours. You are not expected to have specialist subject knowledge and do not have to get directly involved in the actual projects students are completing unless you want to. The best scenario is that you can monitor that your child(ren)/student(s) are actually engaging with the work and are asking for help from their teachers via email/through their year leaders if they need any.

It is also important that pupils (and families!) look after their well-being so please look at the ideas on our wellbeing tab.

The following documents offer more specific advice on supporting your child with literacy and numeracy:

Helping your child with Literacey

Helping your child with Numeracy

7 tips for reading

Reading Resources: Please click here to see a list of reading resources you can access.


During this time, Year Leaders may also be in touch to check in with you, so please discuss any of your concerns with them.

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