Exam Information 2023

GCSE Summer 2023 Exam Schedule

Please use the links below for details of the GCSE exams taking place at Bluecoat Wollaton in Summer 2023.

There will be three contingency sessions for the June 2023 exam series: on the afternoon of 8 June and 15 June, and a contingency day on 28 June. These are in place to allow resilience in the exam timetable. They will help ensure that the examination series runs smoothly in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams. These days will only be used if there is an announcement that centres are required to use them. It is important that students remain available for exams until 28 June 2023 should an event arise.

Arrangements for Summer 2023

The Department for Education, Ofqual and UCAS published a Factsheet: exams and assessments in England in 2023 on 12th May for parents of students taking exams this summer, providing information on exam arrangements and support available for their children. Please click here to read the information.

Important Documents

GCSE Results 2023

GCSE Results Day will be on Thursday 24th August 2023. Please click here for more information.

Please click here for information about previous results and results days.

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