Our Academy

Strategic Vision for 2017/2020

1. Outcomes

1.1 Create a high expectation and success culture leading to Outstanding outcomes
1.2 Students fully prepared for their next destination

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment

2.1 Teaching is routinely Outstanding
2.2 Ensure the curriculum is challenging and fit for all
2.3 Link home, students and the Academy through a learning community

3. Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

3.1 Attendance, behaviour and welfare is rated as Outstanding
3.2 Student leadership permeates the whole curriculum
3.3 Students take pride in their achievements

4. Leadership and Management

4.1 Ensure Governance and Leadership deliver an Outstanding education to all of the students in our care

4.2 Expand provision at both Primary and Secondary phases and ensure BWA is oversubscribed / full PAN

4.3 Christian values embody the ethos of the Academy

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Bluecoat Wollaton Academy
Sutton Passeys Crescent
Wollaton Park

E-mail: office@bluecoatwollaton.co.uk
Tel: 0115 900 7210

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