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BWA Results day Information 2020

Dear students,

As the academic year draws to a close in what has been a very unusual set of circumstances we would like to advise you how you will receive your GCSE results in late August.  The published examination release date remains unchanged and will be Thursday 20th August 2020.

However, this year GCSE results day will look differently from previous years due to the current pandemic conditions and the social distancing guidelines set by the Government.

This year your exam results will be released at 8.00am on Go 4 Schools.  It is therefore very important that you check that you can log into Go 4 Schools before results day. There is an information sheet accompanying this letter explaining and giving guidance how to log into Go 4 Schools. A paper copy of your results will also be posted home on the same day. When you log into Go 4 Schools you will notice that there are two columns; one called ‘Indicative CAG’ (this is the grade that we submitted to the exam board) and one called ‘Actual’ (this is your actual grade and the one that will appear on your exam certificates). IT IS THE ACTUAL GRADE THAT IS YOUR GCSE GRADE.  If you are still having difficulty accessing Go 4 Schools, please contact the school as soon as possible so we can rectify this in time for results day.

Once you receive your results via Go 4 Schools you can then contact your College/6th form to start your enrolment process.

If you need some help or guidance on results day, as you have not received the results that you were expecting or you are unsure if your grades will get you onto a 6th form course, you can book an appointment to speak to a member of staff on Thursday 20th August from 9am onwards.   Our appointments will take place either as a phone call or as a face to face appointment in school.

To make an appointment for information about your next steps and journey into 6th form at Aspley you should call the 6th form team on 0115 929 7445.  You can also get in contact with a member of our careers team at careers@bluecoat.uk.com where specialist staff will be on hand to guide you in the next stage of your career or education

To make an appointment to speak to somebody at Wollaton specifically about the grades you have been awarded then please ring the school on 0115 900 7210 and book an appointment you want.

Sixth Form Enrolment

If you have applied to join Bluecoat Academy Sixth Form then you can complete stage 1 of your online enrolment by logging in to Admissions+ via the Bluecoat Aspley website and follow the simple steps to check your details, upload your actual results and select your courses.  Once stage 1 is complete, a member of our sixth form team will call you using the contact number you provided in your online application.

Phone call appointments

If you would like some clarification about your grades or are unsure of what you need to do next then you can book a telephone appointment to speak to a member of the teaching staff here at Wollaton.  You will book a time slot on the phone call booking system and a member of staff will call you at that time on the phone number that we have registered for your parent. Please make sure that you are ready to receive this phone call at the pre booked time.  Please be aware the staff at Wollaton are unable to give information on whether your grades are suitable for entry onto a post 16 course.

Face to face appointments

Some of you who need some extra support or guidance or perhaps need a more in depth conversation because you have not quite achieved the grades you were expecting may want to book a face to face meeting.  These can be done in the same way as the telephone appointment bookings where a member of the admin team will allocate you a specific time slot for you to attend a face to face meeting in school.  Please be aware that the number of face to face appointments will be very limited and will need to maintain a safe social distance.  In order to achieve this we are implementing the following safety measures;

  • Students will book a time slot to ensure that a limited number of students are on site at one time.
  • Implementing a one-way system that also ensures you are given the opportunity to talk to the relevant staff about any queries or questions you may have about your results.
  • Providing hand sanitiser upon your arrival as well as on desks within the hall.
  • Please attend these meetings either on your own or with one parent/carer.
  • You MUST have a booked appointment time to be seen by a member of staff.

Please make sure that if on Thursday 20th August, you or someone in your household have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, you do not attend a face to face appointment and make a phone call appointment instead.

If you wish to talk to somebody other than a parent or teacher about your exam results then please visit https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/your-guide-to-support/need-to-talk/ where there are links to organisations that may be able to help you.

Alternatively we also have a careers advisor who will also be available on the day to provide guidance to those people who are anxious or unsure what the next steps are and can be contacted at the following e-mail address. careers@bluecoat.uk.com.

It has also been announced that an exam series in the autumn term will go ahead in order to provide an opportunity to sit an exam, should you be disappointed with any grade achieved this summer where possible this should be discussed with your chosen 6th form provider or alternatively with our exams officer in school. lstothart@bluecoat.uk.com

Also in this envelope:

  1. A letter explaining how to access your results Go 4 Schools
  2. If you have applied for either Bluecoat or Nottingham Emmanuel 6th form there is a letter explaining how you will enrol this year.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr A Robinson

Assistant Principal

Curriculum & Timetable

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