Sixth Form

Parental Information

The Academy has invested in a new package which will allow parental access to check on attendance, behaviour, assessment and attitudes to learning.

Staff and students also have access to Go4Schools in order to track and analyse data.

In order to sign up for G4S, please go to and use the email address that we currently have for you on our system (see below).

Once you have logged in you will find that the following information is available to you:

  • Residuals – this is a calculation of students’ projected grade against their target grade
  • Detailed progress – this will tell you students’ grades* and attitude to learning for each subject
  • Attendance – please note that this is updated overnight so there may be some discrepancies if information has been inputted on the day that you are checking
  • Behaviour – this is a record of students’ positive and negative behaviours as inputted by staff
  • Reports – these will be available at the relevant point in the academic year

* Students’ grades

Once each half term subject staff are asked to update students’ progress on Go4Schools. Staff will input an Attitude to Learning grade which will indicate whether students are showing an ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ attitude to their studies or if they ‘require improvement or are a ‘significant concern’. If students receive one of the latter two grades for attitude to learning they will receive pastoral intervention to help them to improve this grade and if they are in receipt of the bursary then this may be temporarily paused.

Staff will also input a Half Termly Tracker grade. This grade will reflect the work that students have completed during that half term. As the year progresses you will also see data being inputted in the column called current. This gives an average of the half termly tracker and mark sheet data that is entered throughout the year.

Also available to you will be the students’ Target grades which is generated using data from KS2 and KS4 achievements and the Projected End of KS5 grade which shows the grade that staff anticipate students will achieve if they continue to work to the same level as they have done during the academic year so far. Where the projected grade is below the target grade intervention will take place within the relevant faculty in order to try to bridge this gap

How to log into ParentPay

As a cashless school Bluecoat Academy uses ParentPay to enable parents, and staff, to make fast online payments for their catering accounts, and to pay for all the various trips and activities that take place throughout the year. They can do so by logging into Parent Pay and entering the user name and password that they have been issued with.

Academy’s Online Shop

In addition to this the Academy has an online “shop”, this is used to pay for various items that are not specifically allocated to individual student accounts, for example revision guides, art packs and show tickets. This works in a similar way to many online shops and users do not need a separate user name and password. The Bluecoat Academy Shop can be accessed by the url:

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