Our Academy

Who’s Who

The Senior Leadership Team


Mr Stuart Anderson

M Goodwill

Mark Goodwill-Hodgson
Chair of Governors


Mr Steve Cox
Vice Principal

Mrs Sue Blakeway
Vice Principal – Behaviour & Safety


Miss Claire Bamford
Assistant Principal – Behaviour & Safety


Mr Jeremy Fry
Assistant Principal – Quality of Teaching

Kirstie Stark- Arts and Drama

Miss Kirstie Stark
Associate Assistant Principal

Year Leaders

Our Year leaders are non-teaching members of staff who are available throughout the day for students and parents. Part of their role is to visit classrooms and assist members of staff. They also undertake mentoring with identified students in order to help facilitate the work and help with the progress of all students in their year group.

Kerrie Fuller Head of Year 10

Mrs Kerrie Fuller
Head of Year 7


Mrs Charlotte Lewis-Gordon
Head of Year 8

L Davison

Miss Lyndsey Davison
Head of Year 8

T Goodwin

Mr Tommy Goodwin
Head of Year 9


Mr Fahim Shafiq
Head of Year 10


Mr Nathan Lewis-Gordon
Head of Year 11

Nic Freeman- Christian Youth Worker and Head of Year 11

Miss Nic Freeman
Christian Youth Worker

Subject Leaders

Kirstie Stark- Arts and Drama

Miss Kirstie Stark
Head of Arts

Lauren Cassady- SENCO

Mrs Lauren Cassady

Sophie Higson- Head of Computer Science

Mrs Sophie Higson
Head of Computer Science

Sarah Fox- Head of English

Miss Sarah Fox
Head of English

Alison Rowe- Head of Humanities

Mrs Alison Rowe
Head of R.E.

A Codd

Mr Adam Codd
Head of Mathematics

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Miss Natalie Marsh
 Head of Modern Foreign Language

Dan Hutchinson- Head of PE

Mr Daniel Hutchinson
Head of PE


Mr Andrew Robinson
Head of Science


Miss Amy Holmes
Head of D&T

Chris R

Mr Chris Routledge
Head of History

S Boyd

Mrs Sophie Fielden
Head of Geography

Mrs Caroline Bruce
Lead Teacher for EAL

Miss Kara Duncan
Lead Teacher of Literacy

Joel Mansell- Director of Achievement

Mr Joel Mansell
Director of Achievement

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