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Bluecoat Wollaton Academy officially opened as a new academy on the 1st October 2017; our first ‘official’ set of Year 11 Data will be available in the summer of 2018. At present, our previous school performance was measured as part of Bluecoat Academy and the results for our Wollaton Park site (now Bluecoat Wollaton Academy) were combined with those of the Aspley Lane site under one DfE school number.

However, our current and now validated (2017) performance as Bluecoat Academy (Wollaton Park and Aspley Lane combined) can be seen here, including a summary of the Wollaton site on its own. Results at Wollaton were exceptional last year and well above national expectations; we are very proud of what our students and staff achieved:

MeasureNational AverageNottingham AverageBluecoat Academy (294 pupils)Wollaton Park Campus (127 pupils)
Attainment 8 Score44.640.347.5651.8
Progress 8 Score0Not yet published0.150.38
Grade 5 (B) or above in English and Maths39.6%31%45%50%
Grade 4 (C) or above in English and Maths63.9%50.6%70%74%
Pupil destinations - pupils staying in education or going into employment94%90%96%96%
Pupils achieving a standard pass in English (Grade 4+)81%89%
Pupils achieving a strong pass in English (Grade 5+)69%77%
Pupils achieving a standard pass in Maths (Grade 4+)76%77%
Pupils achieving a strong pass in Maths (Grade 5+)51%54%
Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate19.7%11.9%11%10%

The Department for Education publishes school performance tables for all academies. These can be found by clicking the link here.

Guidance for parents to help explain the new Progress 8 system can be found by clicking here, or watching this short video explanation from the DfE below.

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